Saturday, November 13, 2004

Pro-Abortion Corporations

"To become humble is to become teachable; to become teachable is to become wise."

~ Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

This is a beautiful site:

For information on businesses who support life and those who support death, visit this group:

They need our help to keep the list up to date.

Note with interest on the list of companies who support the culture of death that there are at least two who are famous for lacking charity toward their employees as well. Corporations, like government, are ideas. They are as moral as their most moral leaders, and when they do not value life, it seeps into every area, including having no compunction against stealing from their employees either directly or by robbing them of a decent wage and benefits.

There is at least one company listed as a pro-abortion supporter whose marketing "genius" includes killing off their own end users - they make baby supplies like talcum powder, lotion, bottles, etc., and from their advertisements, you might imagine they just love babies. Why they contribute to the deaths of 1 of every 4 of the infants who need their products is a mystery. Sure, infants don't shop, but adults don't buy supplies for dead children, either.

The Children of the Rosary website offers excellent advice if you want to write to these companies to explain why you choose not to purchase their products or services, as well as the template for making inquiries of businesses not listed.


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