Monday, February 07, 2005

Feeling a bit feisty

I feel argumentative, yet I am weary of the same tired pro-choice rhetoric. How do you argue with people who are stuck in the Dark Ages of science and medicine? At times like this, I get back to reality by reading more testimony of people like myself who have been there, done that, and found for themselves that there is no sense in choosing abortion.

Is abortion really a freely-made reproductive choice, liberating women from male domination and slavery to someone else’s ideology? Ask these women how free they felt when they “chose” abortion:

The next morning my boyfriend arrived with a hangover and spoke harshly telling me to stop crying or he would leave. I so didn’t want to do what I was about to do. The room quickly filled up with Italian women who were there to have the same procedure. They took us out of the room one by one. They wheeled me downstairs and placed me just beside a very large metal door. I was hysterically crying, but no one spoke English and I couldn’t make them understand why I was so upset. I was taken into the operating room as another woman was wheeled out. I kept thinking...this is an assembly line. I had been given a sedative earlier in the morning and couldn’t seem to express myself to the nurses or the doctors.

Because I didn't want him to hate the child or leave me, I agreed. So we went to the clinic in Wichita , KS. I wanted to run. I wanted to scream that I wanted my baby. I wanted to tell my boyfriend just where he could get off. But I was also scared.

I didn't know where I could go if he got rid of me. And I didn't know what would happen to me and my baby because I felt I had no other place to go. And quite simply, I still loved my boyfriend. So I let them remove my baby from the only safe haven he had.

on jan 29 2005 was the worse day of my life. i finally got the abortion everyone wanted. my mom, grandma an the father thought that it was best for me to do. not caring what will happen to me afterwards. i was so happy to find out i was pregnant cuz thats all i ever wanted was a child i can call my own. i know i'm only 20yrs old. im still young but i really believe i could have this baby. the father never wanted kids an made me feel bad. he went under depression the whole two months i was pregnant cuz he feared children. my mom at first was fine wit it till she told my grandma. my grandma got into my mother's head an force her to change her mind an make me get the abortion. my grandma did it cuz she was embarssed an worried about what people would of thought if i had this child an i wasnt married or even livin wit the guy. everyday i would hear my grandma's mouth. everyday i would hear "so did u make the appointment yet". the father wasnt mean to me but made me feel guilty an sorry for him. finally he gave me the money an i told my mom. so we made the appointment an all i did was cry cuz at this point i didnt even know if i still wanted it. i was goin out my mind. all i wanted was my life back an for people not to b mad at me anymore. so i broke down an got the abortion.

How liberating to be broken down until we comply with someone else's wishes! We've come a long way, baby. We are still being dominated and oppressed, but now we are trying to convince ourselves that it is our choice. Anyone else thinking Stockholm Syndrome?


Is the fetus a person? Those who say s/he is not must worry about falling off the edge of the earth because the world is flat. I thought about writing an article to justify the humanity of the unborn child, but why? If you think the unborn child is inhuman, PROVE IT to me. Show me his inhuman DNA. Show me how the unborn child differs from the born child in any way except size and development, factors which also vary greatly among post-born people in all of life’s stages.

And don’t give me garbage about whether this or that part of the brain is developed enough in the fetus to meet some "degree" of personhood. That’s just crap – an inelegant word, but descriptive. Many people live with less than perfect brain function (just look at the numbers walking the streets carrying signs that say the unborn child is not human). Considering one kind of human life less valuable than another was supposed to have gone the way of slavery.

And recent research shows our frontal lobes aren’t fully developed until age 25, offering an explanation for high-risk adolescent behavior. Still, we are not free to kill teenagers, no matter how they may tempt us.

Or ask these survivors of abortion if they feel adequately human:

One day when I was in third grade, my mom and dad asked me to sit down for a talk. They began by saying that since I was very little, my parents always found me sleeping curled tightly in the fetal position, buried in the covers and always to one side of the bed. I had a recurring nightmare of being trapped in a room with a window blocked by a knife, and they said they often found me talking to my "other self." My mom said she though these were signs telling her to confess something she had done and hoped I would forgive her.

She told me how, at 39, with her 5 children grown, (the youngest was 19 years old and two were in college), she had found herself pregnant. She had been pressured especially by a particular friend to abort because she was too old and it would be "ridiculous" at her age, to have a baby. This was 1952, and her friend told her a self abortion method. She delayed her abortion attempt until the end of June, her eldest son Elliott's, birthday. She was about 3 months pregnant.

She started to cry and told me never to believe them when they tell you it is not a baby, but just a blob of tissue. Tracing a tiny outline in the palm of her hand, she said "he was this big and a fully formed baby." She could hardly continue. "He was a perfect little baby boy." She cried to heaven on that cold bathroom floor and asked God to forgive her and promised Him if she were ever to become pregnant again, she would NEVER abort a baby. She flushed her little son down the toilet and said she lay on the cold floor crying until she was numb.

No one knew, except her and her so called "friend." Later, she still felt pregnant. The doctor said that I was probably a tumor or an ulcer. And the first part of September, I kicked her! The doctor was amazed that I had been a hiding twin and survived the abortion attempt. She told no one of her pregnancy except my dad, and later, my youngest brother, 19 year old Fred, who I kicked.

My mom had an abortion at age seventeen. A couple of weeks later, when her physician examined her, he told her she was still pregnant.

I was born, and today my mom and I tell the world of our story and our love for life. We want to call people away from the darkness of abortion and into the light of God's truth. We have also prayed and demonstrated in front of abortion facilities, and have spoken across the country at churches, crisis pregnancy centers, and universities.


'Nuff said.


At 9:34 PM, Blogger Wandering Pilgrim said...

Off Topic:

I can believe that the frontal lobes of teenagers aren't fully developed yet. What I can't figure out is how their 40-year-old parents' lobes aren't always functioning all that well, either! Maybe it's contagious.

At 7:31 AM, Blogger Silent Rain Drops said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Demi!

At 6:37 PM, Blogger GrannyGrump said...


That new study on adolescent brain development is one we ought to use with those who insist that abortion is okay because the featl brain isn't as developed as an adult brain. We can say, "Neithere is a teenage brain or a young adult brain! Maybe life begins at 25! Maybe if parents are sick of their kids, they can just off them, since they're not possessed of "fully human" brains.

At 6:20 AM, Blogger Silent Rain Drops said...

I know it won't be popular to say it, but I think what we are learning about frontal lobe development definitely calls into question an adolescent's ability to make a decision like aborting a child, as well.


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