Friday, January 07, 2005


"Consumer Reports has become a shill for the culture of death." ~ Judie Brown, American Life League, in response to a post in EWTN's Q&A Forum (, in which the poster wrote the following:

URGENT! Calling all pro-life activists! Please forward to friends! On the eve of yet another March for Life, on the eve of yet another anniversary for the legalization of abortion in the United States, here comes the February 2005 volume of Consumer Reports magazine with a splendid overview of the "options" available to women these days for birth control and for getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy. Yes, CR has now determined that abortion and birth control are just more "services" that needs to be evaluated, so that just the right method might be promoted (all for the benefit of the common good of course). They have now blatantly argued that abortion is just another form of birth control (so much for legal, safe, and rare) to be used at will. But, now now, which to use? Chemical or surgical abortion? Which is easier on the woman? Here is the breakdown of the article (thanks to online source Briana for the overview): There are three distinct articles and one informational table.

1st - "Condoms Extra Protection" with a colour photograph of condoms (not packaged).

2nd - "Birth Control More & Safer Choices" which included a section subtitled "Help in Emergencies" which advises one on how to get the best results from the so-called "morning after pill".

3rd - A table titled "Your Comparative Guide to Contraceptives" which includes all forms of contraception. Though it inaccurately lumps all forms of Natural Family Planning into the category of "Rhythm Method" and inaccurately lists the failure rate as "1 - 9 % if used perfectly; 25% if used typically".

4th - A side bar article titled "Abortion Options" listing the comparative risks of drug induced abortions vs surgical abortion. Please, go to

and complain to Consumer Reports NOW about this offensive and misleading article!!

I did write to Consumer Reports to tell them I was appalled to hear they are reviewing abortion procedures as though this was a legitimate health option for women. I encourage everyone to do so.

Michelle has started a new pro-life website, Exposing the Truth About Abortion. Please visit the link at the sidebar and let her know you support her efforts.

In honor of my brother David, who is openly homosexual, I've added a sidebar link to PLAGAL, an excellent gay pro-life group. May we embrace all who love life, and remember we are all sinners and all one people.


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