Monday, May 16, 2005

AARP Finds the Silver Lining in Abortion

In the May 2005 (Vol. 46, No. 5) issue of the AARP bulletin, the following “blurb” appears on page 4:

Nifty Fifty. South Korea’s policy on family planning has caused the birthrate to plummet so dramatically in the last decade that the country is now the most rapidly aging place in the developed world. This will severely strain the retirement system, but there will be a silver lining of sorts for South Koreans in their early 50s: By mid-century, they’ll be considered young.”

Isn’t that a lovely thought? Of course, “family planning” is a euphemism for abortion as well as contraception. But according to AARP, I can sleep easier tonight knowing that the 4,000 abortions to be performed in the U.S. today will thin the herd of young people so I can feel younger in comparison, even as I age. Have we finally found the fountain of youth?

My actual response was a little different, though, emailed to AARP at

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your suggestion that those who are aging can find a silver lining in South Korea's "family planning" success is disturbing (May 2005, page 4).

South Korea's family planning policy includes legalized abortion (with a particular and irresponsible emphasis on the abortion of females, as is common in China). As of 1996, South Korea's abortion rate was one in four pregnancies. In the United States, we abort nearly one in three pregnancies. While you acknowledge the strain this "population control" is putting on the retirement system in South Korea, where is the same statement about our own troubled Social Security system? Having been designed so the younger generation supports the retired community, it is only obvious that killing one in four taxpayers before they are born will eventually lead to insolvency.

Instead of noting this similarity, however, you encourage older people to be pleased to be young in comparison to the rest of the population, a selfish, me-oriented philosophy that is part and parcel of what is wrong with this nation today.


Mrs. Julie Shockley

Perhaps it is only after we of the Roe v. Wade generations have finally lain down and died that our nation will be free of this parasitic attitude. May God bless the young and hurry along the changing of the guard.


At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Bob said...

Excellent points!

At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Bob said...

sorry..I meant to include more. I am not used to Blogger's comment features. ::gulp::

It is sad that we live in a society that will decide that because we are young in comparison to others, we should rejoice...even if we had to kill, or allow others to be killed for that pleasure.

I think it is especially ironic that AARP would make that kind of a statement, since it is obvious that the next step along the path for those involved with the culture of death is euthanasia...especiall focusing on those old folks who don't contribute to society any more. One wonders if that kind of action might be floated as part of the solution to the Social Security crisis. (You get ten years of Social Security, then you get the "your Social Security is used up" shot....)


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